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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing care for our Elders can be confusing and scary. Here are some frequently asked questions about Elderflower Care Community that can hopefully shed some light. Please reach out to speak to us directly if you need any assistance.

What is the community member to caregiver ratio? Resident to caregiver ratio of 2 or 3 to 1 (Typically is 8 or 15 to 1)

How are staff treated? -Caregivers who are valued, honored and also treated as family

Why choose a farm setting? -A farm and nature setting are to inspire community members, increase their mental wellbeing and give sense of purpose and meaning to them every day.

What is the food like? -Asheville is a foodie town and our Elders are foodies too! Our meals will be prepared by a professional chef with a passion for food as medicine. Meals will be organic, anti-inflammatory and grown together on our land.

What wellness activities will the community engage in? -Integrative medicine including Qi Gong, Meditation, Acupuncture, massage, Chiropractic care and more. This daily wellness lifestyle can increase mental health, wellbeing and life expectantcy.

Will there be kids at Elderflower? -Multigenerational school programs is one of the highest priorities of Elderflower. Ageism comes from fear and can be prevented with education and connection. Children will learn from Elders. Elders will learn from and love the children. The joy and connection that children will bring to the Farm is our most effective tool in combatting loneliness, depression and boredom in our Elders.

Are families welcome? Are there visitng hours? -Elderflower is a bustling community atmosphere where families always feel welcome. Spouses have the option to come and live at Elderflower. Family members of community members AND staff members are welcome to come and play everyday!

Are pets allowed? -At Elderflower, we understand the grief and heartache that comes with having to move to a new place and leave pets at home. As long as your pet is well-behaved and plays nicely with others, they are welcome to come too.

Can someone die at Elderflower? -Elderflower is a Multi-Unit Assisted Housing with Services (MUAHS). This means the care provided by a home healthcare organization will increase as need arises and, in most cases, residents can stay in place. Our highest honor would be to provide a sacred space for our friends to die with beauty, honor, dignity and peace.

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